Level Up Your iPhone Photography With AI Tools

In the ever-evolving landscape of photography, AI has emerged as a game-changer. It offers users robust tools to refine and accentuate their creative vision. Photographers seeking to elevate their craft find AI apps an indispensable part of their arsenal, helping them with advanced image recognition, intelligent photo editing, and more.

If you are interested in iPhone photography and want to take your creativity to the next level, you can check out AI apps for iPhone that are explicitly designed to level up the photos. While everyone knows Luminar Neo and PhotoRevive, there are several lesser-known applications you still need to include.

Shall we capture some magic? Let’s look at the AI tools capable of transforming your photographs.


Lensa leverages state-of-the-art generative adversarial neural networks to transform everyday portrait selfies into stunning professional avatar renders.

The software offers a range of one-touch AI functionalities, allowing users to generate exclusive avatars (available through paid options), perform retouching, and eliminate undesired elements from the background.

User-friendly sliders regulate facial retouching and background blur, facilitating easy control. Users can brighten teeth, achieve skin softening, and independently edit both the subject and background.

Additionally, a collection of presets, filters, textures, overlays, and borders are at your disposal for application. Furthermore, there’s an enhanced capability for AI synchronizing videos with selected music tracks.


PicAI is an app that uses artificial intelligence to enhance and edit pictures taken on an iPhone. A major feature of this AI tool is the intelligent auto-enhancement of photos.

Moreover, it uses neural networks trained on millions of images to identify objects and scenes. Furthermore, the AI analyzes lighting, color, and detail in a photo and makes automatic adjustments to improve the image quality, fixing problems with washout.

Besides that, the application has specific enhancement tools powered by AI, such as sky enhancement. It can detect the sky in a photo and selectively edit just that part of the image to make the sky look clearer and more vivid.

That’s not all, PicAI is also able to remove unwanted objects from photos. For instance, photobombing strangers or power lines and poles.

DeepArt AI

DeepArt AI specializes in using neural networks to apply artistic styles and effects to photos. It can take an ordinary iPhone photo and transform it into a variety of painting or drawing styles.

Inspired by neural style transfer research, DeepArt filters reference the iconic painting styles from Van Gogh to Picasso to propagate source images into adapted artworks mimicking those creative visions.

Landscape photos transformed with a click into radically abstract yet visually striking interpretations resembling fine art paintings. Images evolve into polished wall art thanks to machine learning algorithms transferring desired aesthetics.

In fact, DeepArt integrates directly with the iPhone’s camera for applying effects in real time. This offers creative possibilities during shooting, not just after.


Spectre pioneers AI depth mapping and segmentation technology to create stunning artistic portraits applying cinematic bokeh blur effects typically requiring expensive fast lenses.

By artificially augmenting shallow depth simulation, it automatically categorizes foregrounds/backgrounds during shoots before processing elegantly blurred dreamscapes with a single tap for subsequent sharing. Spectre democratizes soft-focus artistic selfies thanks to computed photography.


NeuralCam boosts low-light photography through intelligent scene enhancements and adaptive exposure adjustments to capture rich nighttime shots free of noise and blurring.

Advanced stabilization plus AI de-noising clarifies dim footage even sans tripod for professional after-dark performance rivaling dedicated camera gear. By handling computational corrections in real time, iPhone cameras exhibit new life after dark.


Prisma’s signature neural art filters powered by deep learning algorithms instantly convert snapshots into varied art style interpretations resembling the results of famous painters and genres.

It specializes in using neural networks to transform photos into different artistic styles – paintings, drawings, graphic art, etc. This allows giving an artistic flair to any iPhone photo.

The AI is trained to analyze artwork to reproduce characteristics like brush strokes, color handling, textures, etc. This helps the art filters look more convincingly hand-made.

Prisma’s effects can be applied to live photos as well as standard photos taken on an iPhone. This allows getting an artsy animated effect, with editing tools and an interface optimized for the iPhone camera experience.

Prisma uses AI to edit photos quickly on device rather than relying solely on cloud processing. This enables fast artistic transformations. Users can adjust filter intensity, areas of application, and combine filters for unique results. Gives more creative control over the AI effects.


Blurize uses artificial intelligence to enhance and edit photos taken on mobile devices like iPhones. It applies algorithms to add artistic blur effects, improve details, adjust lighting, and more.

One of the main features Blurize advertises is its portrait mode editing. It can take a regular photo and use AI to mimic the background blur and subject isolation achieved with portrait mode on iPhone models that have dual lenses. This allows older iPhones to get similar effects.

Blurize also offers tools to selectively refocus photos after they have been taken and has features that automatically adjust brightness, contrast, and shadows. The AI lets you change the point of focus and depth of field, which can make photos more dramatic. This gives you flexibility beyond the fixed focus you get when initially taking a photo.


The next time you whip out your iPhone to capture a moment, don’t simply snap away randomly – thoughtfully leverage the transformative AI tools introduced here to elevate each shot beyond basic imaging.

Embracing AI tools to enhance iPhone photography opens up a realm of creative possibilities and elevates the overall quality of captured moments. These tools empower users with features such as background blur, facial retouching, and object removal, transforming ordinary snapshots into visually stunning compositions.

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