Secret PDF Tools for Boosting Business Productivity

Modern-day businesses require optimum productivity. A slight compromise on productivity can cost businesses a considerable amount of money. Hence, organizations, startups, and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) try to ensure optimum productivity throughout an average workday. The requirement to ensure optimum productivity has made businesses handle all or most business operations digitally. While multiple software solutions handle these business operations, the output files are generally saved as PDFs.

Take the example of the invoicing operation; most businesses save and share invoices as PDFs. The reason behind the frequent use of PDFs is their cross-platform compatibility, versatility, data security, and support for multiple content types. Hence, you will see most businesses sharing and saving valuable data encrypted in PDF files. It is also worth mentioning that despite the frequent usage of PDFs, businesses need to modify them for various purposes. Manual methods to do these modifications may take significant time and effort, compromising productivity. 

Using specified PDF tools, this additional expense of time and effort can be reduced. However, many businesses still need to learn about these tools. If you are a business owner aiming to ensure optimum productivity, you must know a few secret PDF tools to help you achieve it. Fortunately, this article lists a few standout tools that boost business productivity. Reading this article and using the discussed PDF tools will help you greatly. Read on to learn more.

PDF to Word

Despite PDF being the most used text file format for sharing and saving documents digitally, businesses may need to modify the data in PDFs for various purposes. Converting the data from PDF files to editable Word files manually would take significant time and effort. Moreover, this manual conversion process would engage a couple of human resources. Simply put, manual conversion will lead to a significant compromise on productivity.

Businesses can avoid manual PDF to Word conversion using a data entry process. An efficient online PDF to Word converter can do the job quickly and easily. Simply upload the PDF from your local or cloud storage and click the convert button. The tool will convert the document to Word in no time. The online conversion tool can be accessed from any device, and it will keep your data safe. 

PDF Compressor

As mentioned earlier, businesses usually share necessary data with partners and clients online through PDFs. They share invoices, business proposals, user manuals, and product promotions as PDFs. However, they often face problems due to larger PDF sizes while sharing such documents through emails and other channels. Splitting PDFs is not a feasible approach, as nobody has additional time to download and view multiple documents.

Reducing the sizes of PDF files can be the solution. However, some businesses try to do it using manual techniques, such as turning the palette of documents into greyscale, removing blank spaces manually, removing large-size images, and removing unnecessary pages. This whole process takes significant time and effort, costing businesses a considerable amount of productivity. Conversely, an online compressor can easily reduce PDF sizes by compressing them without compromising their quality.

Word to PDF Converter

PDF is the ideal format for sharing documents digitally. Businesses and professionals prefer sharing documents as PDFs. However, it is worth mentioning that not every file is saved as a PDF. Many files are saved as Word files. These documents are generally kept as Word files for situational updates and sharing. However, converting these files to PDF after making the necessary modifications is a must for them.

A few word processors offer the feature to save Word documents as PDFs after necessary modifications, but this functionality is only available on PCs. What if you are using a smartphone or tablet? The solution to this issue is available online. Just like you can use an online tool to convert files from PDF to Word format, you can do the vice versa through an online Word to PDF tool. This tool allows you to bypass the need to do conversion of files from Word to PDF on PC and boost productivity. 

Excel to PDF Converter

Accountability is necessary for business operations to run smoothly. Hence, accountants and finance managers often audit various business operations and articulate their reports as Excel sheets. Using Excel sheets for accounting and audits allows accountants to make calculations, form pivot tables, and feature graphic tools easily.

However, they don’t share their auditing reports in XLS or XLSX files. They must ensure data security and easy view of their Excel auditing reports across various devices, including smartphones. The best way to make it possible is converting files from Excel to PDF format. An online Excel to PDF tool can be the perfect solution. It is accessible on various devices and usable for free.

In the End

PDF is the perfect format for businesses to share and save necessary documents. However, they have to modify PDFs from time to time. Additionally, they need to convert other file formats to PDF for easy sharing. Some highly advanced and efficient online tools can help them do it easily. You can learn a lot from this article and enhance business productivity resultantly! We wish you luck with the process!

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