How to Convert a PNG using SVG Converter?

August 2, 2018 3 By masterminds XE
First, let’s get a few things right about online SVG converter tools that convert images to vectors. Usually, when you need to convert an image to SVG, you would ideally open the source file in a professional image manipulation tool such as Adobe Illustrator. But that is not always the case as many times the source file isn’t available. Here, you have to work with what you have. Suppose you have to convert your company logo to SVG but all you have is the PNG file. How do you do that?

SVG Converter Online Tools

One of the easiest ways is to use online SVG converter tool. However, you have to beware some tools that don’t really convert the image. Because conversion requires the tool to retrace the image and turn it into a set of coordinates and lines. On the other hand, most tools just encode the image as base64. It can be easily done without the need of an online tool and doesn’t really help in creating our real SVG or vector file. These files can’t be coded like SVG files and cannot be scaled to any size. So, what is the need of such as a file that doesn’t have the properties of an SVG format?

One of the best online tools that you will find for converting images into SVG is This online application actually traces and plots the images into SVG. Moreover, it enables you to compare the images and make changes with the color composition to get the desired output. You can further download the file to your local computer and use it in your content for free. SVG file is essential for your website. You can edit and manipulate the SVG file using notepad, Draw, and Microsoft Visio. Try converting a PNG file to SVG today!