Top Reasons Why SVG is Essential for Your Website

May 25, 2018 0 By masterminds XE
Scalable Vector Graphics of SVG has become a W3C specification since 2001. However, it never received the attention it needs. This is mostly due to the fact that some users are unable to view these images without a plugin. It is an XML based file format which can be searched, indexed, scripted and compressed. It describes graphic vectors such as lines, paths, circles, polygons, text with color, patterns, gradients etc. However, if necessary, Bitmaps can also be embedded within the file.

Here are some reasons why SVG is essential for your website:

  • SVG is an open standard developed by W3C in 1999, hence developers can use it without restrictions.
  • Most importantly the images can be scaled to any size without pixelation or compromising its quality.
  • Smaller images such as logos and charts can be created with a smaller file size as compared to JPG, or PNG images.
  • SVG XML code can be easily manipulated using tools already available. It can be created, verified and compressed using tools such as Notepad, Draw, and Microsoft Visio.
  • The file can be created and manipulated on the server using PHP, Dot NET, Python and other languages.
  • It can also be manipulated on the client side using JavaScript to create dynamic effects and animation. It can even handle events such as a click or mouseover.
  • The file format is backward and forward compatible. SVG engines will render the elements they can and may ignore the rest without completely making the image inactive.
  • These files are accessible, which means the text and drawing elements are machine readable. This way screen readers and devices can parse the images.
  • It provides improved search engine optimization because search engines such as Google and Bing can index the content of the image.
Aforementioned are the importance of SVG in the web. However, in the future, we are going to see more application of SVG especially with the advent of AR and VR. let’s see what future holds for SVG.